History of the Keck Family

I bought this little nugget of history at an estate sale in Baltimore a year or two ago. I grabbed it up out of reverence more than anything. I mean, the thoughtfulness of this guy to write down his family history and publish it for the ages – I admire Mr. J.A. Keck.

This little booklet has additional family history dates and notes in the margins and attached throughout. My only hope in posting these images (and a considerable amount of SEO attached), is to draw a family member to this site one day. I’m saving it for you, Keck clan! You need only contact me to procure this fabulous piece of family history.

I believe I bought other family photos from this sale. Just send me a note to get these in the right hands.

9 thoughts on “History of the Keck Family

  1. Still working on my family. Came to PA in the 1600’s and settled in Lehigh County / Northampton County. Do you still have this book?

  2. My name is Brey Keck, My Great Grandfather is Johan George Keck, J.A. Keck’s brother, I have been told about this book when I was younger by my great gandma, I have been doing family research all night and I just came across this, Do you still have it? -Brey Keck, Lincoln Nebraska

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