Pet Peeve #01 – Cap’n Crunch or Captain Crunch

Mr Mom 220 221

It turns on a dime. The moment you realize the person you’re talking to is completely full of shit. Everything’s going well and you’re maybe even having your faith in humanity/your gender/the opposite sex/whatever restored through the course of the conversation. Maybe. Then they screw it all up with just one mispronounced word, one inaccurate “fact” or an off-hand comment that takes the wind out of you. I’m not above it, just so we’re clear. More often than not, I’m a complete moron too.

That’s how I feel when people refer to Cap’n Crunch as “Captain Crunch”. I wanna’ smack ’em.

So I Googled “Cap’n Crunch or Captain Crunch?”. As Judge Judy would say, I came up with “Uh-nothing!” I checked out the story behind the Cap’n on Wikipedia here (’n_Crunch) and was surprised to read that the sugary breakfast food was originally referred to as “The Crunchy Captain’s Cereal” but simultaneously introduced Cap’n Crunch as the mascot. What this means is that anyone who wants to reference the “Captain” had better have a) worked for Quaker in the early ’60s, b) have been around and enjoying the originally labeled Crunchy Captain’s Cereal and c) still passionately holding their ground on the original name.

This leaves a very few allowable exceptions, so please get it right, Cap’n.
Capn Crunch