Weekends Find Me Finding Weekend Finds

I like to share info about them because, well, I like to brag. I also get frustrated when there’s no information on the web about my treasures. I mean, really? NO ONE else has ever come across a Gold Medal Room Divider before? It can’t have been the ONLY one EVER made! So I share. And hope.

Gold Medal Folding Furniture Co., Racine, Wis.

Gold Medal Folding Furniture Co., Racine, Wis.

3 thoughts on “Weekends Find Me Finding Weekend Finds

  1. We found a Gold Metal Folding Furniture Company 3 panel folding screen today at a reseller’s shop. The panels are canvas, one orange, one khaki and one green. We haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the net either untiI I came across your posting dated August 2013. Have you heard from anyone else. Any idea of its value?

    • Hi Molly,

      Your response is exactly why I posted! I have yet to see or hear of anyone else with the Gold Medal Room Divider. I’ve seen something similar at a resale shop, but it was not by Gold Medal. They were asking $40. I can tell you that if it WAS an exact representation of mine, I would have paid double that. But that’s just me; I know how rare they are.
      I would love to see your example and I’m curious to know what you paid for yours (if you don’t mind sharing that info). With your permission, I would like to post a photo of yours for the sake of presenting information about this little-known treasure.
      Thanks so much for finding me!

  2. P.S. It has been suggested to me that these were used in hospitals. It’s fair to note that I replaced the fabric on mine, and I have no idea what was originally in its place. My grandmother bought it at an auction many years ago and it was handed down through my sister-in-law before making its way to me.

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