Topper Table Is Tops in Gypsy Life

Convertible table

Antique card table from the ’40s or ’50s.

This little beauty was discovered at a consignment shop in Glen Burnie, MD. When I brought it up to the register, the clerk said, “Oh! Finally someone’s taking that little guy home!”. So I guess it’s beauty is lost on a lot of people.
No bother, as it’s perfect for our constant-moving life.
It’s basically a glorified TV tray, only older and bigger. Its surface measures almost 27″ squared. It folds up to practically nothing. Made by Topper Products out of Lowell, Massachusetts. It’s called a Bridge Table, a nod to yesterday’s social past-time. My Grannie played bridge for many decades; it was the thing to do in her day.
The top features a floral needlepoint design. It’s in original condition and is most likely from the 1940s or 1950s.

Back of Topper Bridge Table

Antique TV tray / card table

Antique TV tray / card table

Topper Table Label

Topper Table Label

5 thoughts on “Topper Table Is Tops in Gypsy Life

  1. I have a topper bridge table with poppies and iris’s on it 10R with number 277 or 219 on was purchased new in 1940 in Arbutus, Maryland

  2. I have a topper card table – label still on back. It looks like the painting on the top was replaced or repositioned as there are marks on the back of the painting that indicate so. It is still in use; however the table “racks” in one direction – has anyone been able to correct this issue?.

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