Spice Racks Are Fresh Again

Today’s major accomplishment was small in size but kind of a big deal; it’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. Since we had rain here today, I had to think about projects I could get done around the house INSIDE, so it was my perfect opportunity.

See, I have just recently completed my project to paint each room of the house. So I’m pretty proud of the colors. I think it takes it up a notch in my house. And I’m pretty proactive with my covering up of scuffs and random miscalculated nail holes but I got tired of having to bring up a gallon paint can each time I needed to touch up the walls. God forbid I want to get them all done in one day. So I decided to use one of the vintage spice racks I’d collected over recent months to put a little bit of paint from each room. I’m kind of proud of the idea. I gave them little labels too.

Other folks are doing some cute things and finding ways to reuse these little shelves.
JM Spice Rack before and after

It all started when a friend asked me to be on the lookout for a spice rack to repaint and use once again for spices. It took a few months but I finally found one. My friend posted before and after pictures on Facebook, showing off a black shelf and labels with gold accents. Another friend immediately asked me to find another one for them. So I started just grabbing every spice rack (that wasn’t already in pristine or otherwise acceptable condition) I saw.

My husband has even found a use for many of the little shelves. He’s a vaper and has lots and lots of ejuice flavors from companies like Heresy. The number of flavors he has is monumental and he needed a place to put them that wasn’t demanding so much of his precious, office horizontal real estate. He now has several throughout his office, even one in his closet to keep sunlight off for the bottles he’s steeping himself. Some he’s painted red, some white, and some are not getting a paint job at all. He even wrote a blog about it here, which prompted me to share my info with you too.

It’s so exciting to find and get people to think about reusing old items that are no longer in style or just need a coat of paint. What else could these little cuties be used for?




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