JD Originals Fabulous 1970’s Chair and Ottoman

I scored this 1970's rattan and velvet chair and ottoman at my local, favorite thrift store.

I scored this 1970’s rattan and velvet chair and ottoman at my local, favorite thrift store.

JD Originals logo

JD Originals logo

The best time to buy something unique is when you see it. So here we are.
I know what you’re thinking. You’re not sure if you like this club (?) chair and ottoman or not. Let it grow on you. Imagine how soft that velvety material is, how cushiony the seat is, and how surprisingly sturdy the frame is…
So the fabric is a little orangy and there’s no hiding the outrageous era this came out of. But don’t you love it anyway? There’s not a thing wrong with the condition of the fabric, seat or barrel-shaped rattan structure. The rectangle ottoman is just as pristine. It’s an incredibly well-preserved little reminder of days gone by and although the mod era isn’t typically my favorite, style-wise, I think it has so much potential. And I’m thrilled it exists in this condition at all.
I would tell you which thrift store around Baltimore I picked these up at today, but then I’d have to kill you. (#1 Shopping secret: Don’t tell others your shopping secrets.) I fell in love with it on sight but once I sat, I was really hooked. I really didn’t need to carry up another piece of furniture to our third-floor apartment, but I was just sitting in our incredibly uncomfortable patio furniture last night thinking how nice it would be to actually be comfortable out there. So I bought it. For how much? you might wonder. I’m not telling; I’ll let you decide what you think it’s worth to you.
JD Originals was trademarked by Jackson Furniture of Danville, Inc. in 1968, but that trademark has expired. A quick internet search has turned up only two chairs (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/203858320606632053/) made by these folks, and they don’t look much like mine.
P.S. This is a great candidate for a makeover someday down the line. Can you imagine this painted Tiffany blue with a fabulous chevron fabric (pick a color!)? Me too. Let’s see…
Basic Photoshop used to try a different color on this JD Originals Chair and Ottoman.

Basic Photoshop used to try a different color on this JD Originals Chair and Ottoman.

Biltmore Table Always Makes The Move

Biltmore (Miami) Biltex tile shot

Biltmore (Miami) Biltex label

Biltmore (Miami) Biltex leg bottom

Biltmore (Miami) Biltex leg screw

Biltmore (Miami) Biltex tile side shot

Biltmore (Miami) Biltex tableThis little beauty found me at an estate sale in suburban St. Louis fifteen years ago. I can’t remember if I paid $1.00 or $3.00 for it, but it doesn’t really matter as it’s worth so much more than either price.
My husband is a consultant, which means that we travel a lot. We’ve lived in a dozen different residences during our almost-9-year marriage, so we’ve almost perfected the “light move”. One requirement, we’ve found, is furniture and comfort items that don’t take up much space. This little table fits the bill, largely because the legs unscrew, making it take up no room at all. So we always have space for it, even if we’re only packing the 4Runner for a three-month assignment. It has not only survived those moves across the country, but it looks just as fabulous as the day I bought it. It has served as a nightstand, an end table, a printer stand, and myriad other uses.
It measures 15″ squared on the top and is 17″ tall. It boasts Biltex vinyl on the top, which really, really looks like tile. The label on the bottom identifies it as being made by the Biltmore Manufacturing Company in Miami, Florida. I can’t find much info on that company (something I should have looked into when we lived there for 18 months), but can say that the table is mid-century modern, making its origins date to 1940 to 1960. I’d guess it was made closer to 1960.
I see other Biltmore Biltex tables at flea markets and antique shops from time to time. Usually they are two or three nesting tables whose tops are designed with gold flecks and butterflies. They are usually somewhat triangular. I’ve never seen another like mine.
Don’t pass these babies by if you come across them. They’re not all that treasured now but I would guess that they’ll hold their value if cared for properly. And let’s not forget how fabulous and easy to travel with they are.