Heidi Waited Patiently…

Heidi Med-VapeNot so long ago, I came to own this cute little Block Pottery vase/figurine. “Heidi” was a remnant of an estate sale I worked in Coral Gables; her former caretakers were a judge and his wife. I would guess that Heidi hung out in their kitchen for decades, based on the condition her paint is in. She was covered in grease.

Heidi is part of a series of these kind of vases offered by Block. I’ve also seen “Daisy” and some other various forms.

Heidi sat on a shelf in my living room for several weeks. Many times I wondered what her purpose in my home could possibly be; Heidi had seen better days and could no longer rest on her looks alone. She needed a function.

Enter my nicotine addiction. I gave up smoking in November and recently I was feeling “the urge” so my husband hooked me up with a friend of his who sells electronic cigarettes. Med-Vape, located in The Native Village in Hollywood, FL, offers all kinds of vaping gear, including the implements and liquids to fill them. The upside to vaping is that you can do it anywhere. The downside is that you can’t just set the vaping pen up to rest. It’s kind of tall, so it tips easy. You can’t lay it down either, because it could roll onto the floor.

It didn’t occur to me immediately. But Heidi eventually earned a place on my nightstand. She’s pretty enough to warrant the placement on my side of the bed, but not so pretty that she outshines my other junk. And she holds my vaping pen with such style.

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