Lions and Snails and Pulitzer, Oh My!

I’m a wannabe fashion whore. I might have been a full-on fashion whore, had I been born into a different body. But I wasn’t, so I settle for wanting to learn more. I hit a garage sale a few weeks ago and was drawn to a couple of pair of brightly-colored vintage pants on a rack full of random clothes. I checked the labels and read “The Lilly Sportswear Division Lilly Pulitzer Inc.”.

Lilly Pulitzer Inc.

Lilly Pulitzer Inc.

One pair is pink and has lions and the other is green with snails. The woman who sold them to me, who was about my age, said that she wore them in college and they were vintage, belonging to her mother, THEN. I’m not sure HOW old that makes them but I’d guess they’re from the ’60s or ’70s. Because the sale was almost over, I got them for a pretty great price. I tried to find information on the prints on this site (, but I can’t find a match for either pair.
I think they’re fabulous.
Green pair with snails, Pink pair with lions

Green pair with snails, pink pair with lions

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